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Its often hard to answer questions asked by clients sometimes so in this blog post, I present to you a few simple guidelines to make your date possible, easy to schedule, all that you want it to be and more. In order to enjoy the services of any escort whether at Nairobi companions or not it is important to understand how to properly discuss services. While some clients may be well versed, these guidelines are more applicable to the

novice client who has little or no experience. This may also be considered a helpful guide for escorts new to the field that may need a few guidelines to familiarize themselves with.

1.Escorts DO NOT sell sex. While some people often mistake Escorts and Prostitutes as one and the same, the difference is simple. Escorts sell their time, not sexual acts. What happens during the time spent with an Escort is at the discretion of two or more consenting adults who possess similar interests and understandings. It’s that simple.

2. You will discover that escorts DO NOT talk to you as a new client concerning sex between yourself and themselves at all, in any form or manner. They are selling their time, not “acts”. To avoid delays in communicating with an escort, keep the discussion light and general. Mentioning “acts” may result in your communication being ignored completely. However, you may ask your escort what their sexual and lifestyle interests are. There is nothing wrong with two adults discussing similar interests and what they enjoy in a sexual relationship.

3. Most significantly, never associate a sex act with a fee or rate. In most cases, those who attempt to associate sex with a fee when communicating with an escort are associated with government agencies, police departments, or are soliciting prostitutes. Making this fee/act association may often result in the escort’s hesitance in establishing further communication.

4. When first contacting an escort via phone or email, always supply a phone number and as much information as you feel comfortable providing. This would include a name, your age, your height, your weight, general location and interests. The escorts will inevitably learn this information should you decide on a meeting. This information will assist in providing a seamless transaction. Do not send e-mail of an explicit nature that could be deemed as offensive to the escort. Such communications will most likely result in the severance of any further contact.

5. Always provide the mutually agreed upon monetary sum up front. Do not wait for the escort to prompt you. When hiring an escort for extended periods (longer than 24 hours) it is customary and expected to provide half of the agreed upon fee upon meeting.

6. When meeting your escort, be sure to leave the agreed fees in a conspicuous area such as the dresser, bed, coffee table, etc. Cash is preferable no cheques or credit cards please.

7. If an escort cannot determine that you are not associated with an undesirable client, a member of a government agency or a client who might mean them harm, the entire experience may not be possible. In the event you are staying at a hotel, expect the escort to call registration in order to confirm you are a registered guest and in the room number you provided. This may require you providing your full name. This is for safety reasons, as well as to comply with call-transfer policies of most hotels including in Kenya or East Africa as a whole.

8. If after meeting your escort you discover you share the same sexual interests and are attracted to one another, it may be up to you to initiate physical contact. On general principle the escort will not touch you until you make the first move. Unfortunately, due to many vice, battery/assault and/or other laws, this is a necessity. Once you have introduced the first physical contact then “it’s on” and you’re going to have a great time. Failing to make first physical contact could result in reciprocal behavior on the escort’s part for the duration of your meeting.

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